October 15, 2015


The integrated hospital ward resource planning and management system is a platform operating on two levels – in the daily medical routine and in hospital performance synthesis/analysis by combining data from various demographic, healthcare and medical sources to be superimposed on the particular data of the individual medical facility. The main benefits of this approach are:

  • better understanding of cause and effect relationships;
  • optimised supplies and resource planning;
  • reduced supplies wastage;
  • reduction in human error factors;
  • reduced patient handling times;
  • reduced paperwork and administrative burden on qualified medical personnel;
  • overall reduction of personnel and patient stress due to technical issues.

All stakeholders, e.g. medical personnel, patients, suppliers, etc., and elements, e.g. equipment, medical supplies, beds, etc., of the system are assigned UID numbers which monitor their place and role in the various processes. On an operational level, this allows for better process automation and optimisation, as well as error prevention. On a management level, seeing the broader picture from own reliable data, all deviations readily stand out and outline rooms for improvement. The real time nature of the data provides shorter intervals for results manifestation of any changes introduced into the system. By synthesising the bulk of the raw data, reports are generated and benchmarked against other sources or combined with them to generate new insights and value.