The four cornerstones of the integrated system
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Inpatient management

Positive inpatient identification and reliable tracking throughout the hospital stay, binding the individual to accompanying documents, applied medications and procedures, etc.

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Supplies management

Medical supplies and medications stock tracking, orders and deliveries management, sealed/unsealed expiry times, as well as automatic control of the application to the right inpatient.

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Location management

Inpatient movement tracking throughout the hospital wards, as wells as matching to the assigned rooms and hospital beds for increased security and elimination of incidents due to mistaken identity.

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Information management

Gathering, combining and processing of all incoming data streams from the other three modules for managing the daily operations, as well as deriving general or focused healthcare insights.


Background and foundation

Our team of IT professionals, experienced in the development and implementation of integrated management systems, has partnered up with several anaesthetics wards to identify gaps in current hospital operations and to define an IT oriented approach to their solution. The resulting integrated hospital ward resource planning and management system is a platform operating on two levels – in the daily medical routine and in hospital performance synthesis/analysis by combining data from various demographic, healthcare and medical sources to be superimposed on the particular data of the individual medical facility. The main benefits of this approach are: better understanding of cause and effect relationships; optimised supplies and resource planning; reduced supplies wastage; reduction in human error factors; reduced patient handling times; reduced paperwork and administrative burden on qualified medical personnel; overall reduction of personnel and patient stress due to technical issues. The project is a beneficiary of FIWARE Finodex accelerator under FP7.


The co-founding professionals behind the project

Veselin Vasilev

CEO & co-founder
With 12 years of experience in computer hardware, PLC industrial automation of climate control systems, access control systems, as well as information security, virtualisation technologies, server and network setup and administration, Veselin is the one in charge of the hardware and RFID portion of this project. He also has good experience in various auditing and certification processes.

Stoyan Stoyanov

CIO & co-founder
With upwards of 15 years of IT experience being part of a number of projects on developing, implementing and migrating various ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WMS (Warehouse Management System) and BMS (Building Management System). Stoyan has valuable experience in a diversified international corporate environment and has a good insight on how things work.

Georgi Georgiev

CTO & co-founder
With more than 10 years in the software development business, Georgi has a strong knowledge in software architecture and development. Starting as a game and multimedia developer, he has grown to Head of department, where his main responsibilities are researching the latest technologies and integrating them in the work process and team development.


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